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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What forms of payment does the Municipality of Grassland accept?

A: Online: e-transfers can be sent to with your account information (utility account number for water billing or roll number for property tax account) in the description. If a payment comes in without a memo we will apply the payment to your property taxes. 

Debit and cash payments can be processed at our offices.

Cheque: Mailed to PO Box 399 Hartney MB R0M 0X0 or Box 53 Minto MB R0K 1M0 or processed at the offices.

Direct Deposit: through Sunrise Credit Union only, please contact the local branch for more information Hartney 204-858-2171

Please indicate in the memo what the payment is to be applied to (ex: utility, taxes or invoice number). 

Q: When are utility charges invoiced?

A: Utility billings are quarterly- March, June, September & December each year

Q: When are Property Tax notices sent out?

A: Tax notices are sent to property owners in July of each year.

Supplementary tax notices are sent out in the fall each year.

Q: When are Property Tax payments due?

A: Property taxes are due October 31st each year, or the last business day of October.

Added taxes are due November 30th each year.

Q: Am I eligible for Homeowner’s Tax Assistance Credit?

A: You will be eligible for the Homeowner’s Tax Assistance Credit on the property with your principal residence and you must have occupied the home since January 1st of the applicable tax year.

If you are eligible but did not receive a credit, please contact the Municipal Office. Once approved, you do not need to reapply annually. You can only receive a credit on one residence. If the deadline for applications has passed, you can still receive the credit on your annual income tax return.

Q:  Am I eligible for the Farmland School Tax Rebate?

A: The Farmland School Tax Rebate applies to all Class 30 Assessments of farm land only. Forms will be mailed out to you from your local MASC office. If you did not receive a form, please contact your local MASC office.

Q: Is there a place I can search for more details about a property?

A : Property Assessment 

In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, no personal identifiers are included in the Government of Manitoba property assessment search database. You are able to search for property assessment information (using the legal description, roll number, or street address) by clicking on the link below.


Q: How is assessment value determined?

 A: Generally, assessment value is determined by comparing your home to others that have recently sold in the same area of your Municipality, provided they are roughly the same vintage, condition, and size.


Q: Where can I retrieve more information on my current property tax assessment?

A: The local Assessment Office (Intergovernmental Affairs and Trades) located in Souris MB. You may contact them at 1-866-262-7647. They can provide you more further details on your assessment.


Q: Why does the value of my property get reassessed?

A: Every two years the provincial assessment office checks to see whether the assed values of residential and commercial properties in the Municipality to confirm their actual market value.


Q: Who would I contact to search the land titles of my property?

 A: Land Titles Office 1-844-737-5684


Q: Who would I contact to obtain information about building permits, subdivisions, variations, rezoning, conditional uses etc.?

 A: Dennis County Planning 204-851-0380


Q: Who may attend council meetings?

 A:  Anyone may attend their Municipality’s Council Meeting. If there is a particular matter you wish to address council with, you need to contact the Municipal Office at least 3 business days prior to the council meeting to make a provision to have the matter added to the agenda.


Q: Where can I obtain a map of the Municipality of Grassland?

 A: Grassland maps are available for purchase at the Municipal Offices for $20.00


Q: Can I have my name removed from the property ownership map?

A: If you wish to have your name removed from the property ownership map, please contact the administration office


Q: How often is the Municipal map updated?

 A: Maps are updated each time maps are ordered. We only order maps when we are starting to run out of the current maps.


Q: What is the fee for a Tax Certificate?

A: The current cost of a Municipality-issued Tax Certificate is $30.00 per parcel.


Q: What are the cots to subdivide my property?

A: You may contact Dennis County Planning at 204-851-0380 for more information on subdivision of properties.

The Municipality of Grassland charges $____.00 as a capital lot levy fee for any new lot/ title created by subdivisions within the Municipality. There may be other costs involved. Please contact the Municipal Office for more specific details.


Q: Where are the landfills located?

A: Hartney: NW 22-6-23 (Phone: 204-858-2631)

Fairfax: SE 21-5-20 (Phone: 204-522-5207)


Q: How do I report a power outage? 

A: Please click the following link that will lead you to Manitoba Hydro’s website. From here, it will guide you to provide information about the outage to be reported.


Q: Who is responsible for a water-leakage on my property?

A: The Town will take care of any leakage found up to a structure on the property (water breaks on street, yard, etc.). Once inside the property, the water leakage is the responsibility of the owner of the property.

Important Phone Numbers

Manitoba Farm & Rural Stress Line:  Phone 1-866-FOR-FARM (367-3276)

Kids Help Line anywhere in Canada: Phone 1-800-668-6868

Battered Women's Crisis Line:  Phone 1-800-362-3344

Child & Family Services:  Phone 1-800-843-8980

Child Find Manitoba:  Phone 1-800-387-7962

Domestic Violence Information/Crisis Line:  Phone 1-877-977-0007

Environment Accident:  Phone 1-204-944-4888

Facts of Life Line:  Phone 1-800-432-1957

Manitoba Suicide Line: Phone 1-877-435-7170

Sexual Assault Crisis: Phone 1-888-292-7565

Klinic Crisis Line: Phone 1-888-322-3019

Crisis Line for 18+: Phone 1-888-379-7699

Under 18 Crisis Line: 1-866-403-5459 \ 1-204-483-6224