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Planning and Development

Permit Application:

Building Permit Application

Zoning By-law:

Municipality of Grassland Zoning By-law

Dennis County Planning District

Development Office - Building Inspection

The Dennis County Planning District coordinates planning services and manages development for the Municipalities of Pipestone, Sifton, and Grassland.  

The Dennis County Planning District Development Plan serves as a framework whereby the planning district or the municipality or community as a whole may be guided.

Building Permits

Required for all new residential and commercial buildings over 100 square feet. Permits are required for any structure changes. Relocation permits are required. Demolition permits dependent on the situation. 

 Dennis County Planning District By-Law #19 Schedule A 



Development Permit Application / Base Fee

$50 non-refundable

Development Plan Amendment

$400 plus advertising cost (cost of putting notice in the newspaper as required in the Planning Act).

Zoning Amendment

$400 plus advertising cost (cost of putting notice in the newspaper as required in the Planning Act.)

Conditional Use Order

$200 ($300 if hearing is combined or if more than one aspect is to be varied.

Minor Variation Order


Zoning Memo


Copy of Development Plan or Zoning By-Law (electronic or paper copies)


New Residential or Commercial / Institutional

$50 + $0.30 total sqft not including basement or attached garage

Move in RTM, House, Mobile or Modular Home

$50 + $150 + possible pre-inspection**

Repair / replacement of existing foundation

$50 + $100

Decks covered or uncovered

$50 + $0.05/sqft


$50 + $100

Residential Garage / accessory building over 100 sqft

$50 for 100-600 sqft
 $50 + $0.20/sqft over 600 sqft

Farm Buildings***


Demolition or removal permit


Starting a project before obtaining a permit

May Double Fee + 150 surcharge


Refunds: When a permit is voluntary surrendered a refund may be issued less 20% of the fee or $50 whichever is greater.  No refunds if work has started, or a period of 12 months has passed.  No refunds if the permit has been revoked or suspended by the Development Officer.

Zoning By-law or Development Plan Amendments: Refunds may be issued prior to 1st reading; 20% of the fee is not refundable.

Zoning & Conditional Uses: A refund less $50 may be given prior to the setting the date for the hearing

**Inspections outside of permit: ie. to move a building in; $50/hr plus travel costs at mileage rate set by the board.

***Farm Buildings: a building does not contain a residential occupancy and is associated with and located on land that is devoted to the practice of farming.  Examples being: Shops, Quonsets, all types of barns, or Machine sheds.


For information or inquiries, please contact:

DAVID HOUSTON, Building Inspector

Box 100  Oak Lake, MB  R0M 1P0

Cell: (204) 851-0380         Fax: (204) 855-2836


Please see top of page for the zoning By-laws and a building permit application